Anointing Your Candles

Anointing Your Candles

            Anointing means to rub or smear with oil during a religious ceremony or ritual. Lots of spells and rituals call for Anointing your Candles before any of the spell or ritual is started. 

              To Anoint your Candles you must select a carrier oil and essential oils that correspond with the spell or ritual you're about to preform. If you're doing a spell with an orange candle for legal matters you would select oils that are also used for legal matters and correspond with the color orange. 

              After selecting your oil you must select dried herbs or dried flower petals that correspond with the spell you're about to preform. 

              Then you take your candle and hold it firmly with both hands, visualizing your desires Coming true. Imagine the energy as light coming from your heart, down your arms, and through your hands to your candle. Imagine the candle glowing with that energy. 

             Take a dime sized amount of that oil into your hands and rub them together. Then rub the oil onto your candle. Start from the ends of the candle rubbing back and forth until your hands meet in the middle. 

              Finally take your candle and roll it in the dried herbs or dried flower petals. The oil will make the dried herbs or flowers stick to the candle. 

               That is how I anoint my Candles. There are other methods that other witches use in their craft, but my way is a great way to get started if you're new to witchcraft.  

               Let me know how this worked for you, and check out some of my votive Candles, pillars, and taper Candles. Those are the types of candles you would use when anointing a candle. There are ways that you can anoint Jar candles but they are different from this method I have provided here. 


Blessed be. 

By Bridget "Mallory" Thompson 

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