Email List & Loyalty Club

            Join the Loyalty Card Club by signing up on the Burning Times Candles email list. 

               The Loyalty Card Club is a special VIP Club that gets the latest news first, discounts, coupons, gets to participate in contests and giveaways, and gets a digital rewards card.

Here is an example of the Loyalty card. It is a punch card that keeps track of your spending. Everytime you spend at least 20 or more you get a sticker or a few stickers.  If you spend 90 you get four stickers for each one of the twenties. If you spend less than twenty you Do not get a sticker and it doesn't roll over onto your next purchase.  

Just take a screenshot below.  Each time you order send me a message with your card in it and I'll send you back a stamped card with your stickers.

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