Circle Casting

                Casting a circle is a method of protection used by Witches and Wiccans. It is the foundation of magickal workings that is used for energetic cleansing and protection from negative energy. Casting a circle is  necessity to prepare space around the witch and make it sacred for magickal spells, rituals, communication with a deity or spirits and divinational work.

             There are multiple ways to cast a circle, and there is no right or wrong way. The right way is up to you the witch because this is your craft. The only way to go wrong is to just not cast a circle at all, because you could be letting in a lot of negative energy that could possibly sabotage your magickal workings. 

                So to cast a circle. One way that I cast a circle is by taking a bowl of salt, incense stick scented with a fragrance that corresponds with my work, a candle, and a bowl of water. 

                  I set these items in the directions of the elements that the correspond with. For example the candle represents fire so I set it in the South because the fire element's direction is the south. The West is represented by water so I would put the bowl of water in the West. The incense stick represents air so I would set the incense stick in the east. Last the bowl of salt represents Earth so I would set it in the North. 

                  I then take a pinch of salt and sprinkle it in a circle closing in the area I'll be doing my magick  in. Then I light the candle and the incense stick. I pass the candle and insense stick around the circle. Then I take the bowl of water and sprinkle a few drops of it around the circle. 

               I visualize white glowing energy forming a circle around myself and the area that I am working in. 

              I finally set down in the center and then I begin my work. See casting a circle is very simple. It is very simple, but very powerful, and completely needed. There could be so much that could go wrong just by skipping this step. 


Thank you for reading and have a great night everybody. 

Blessed Be. 

By: Bridget "Mallory" Thompson 

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