What is Divination?

              Divination is the practice of seeking knowledge of the future, or the unknown by supernatural means. Divination can determine the hidden significance or cause of events, foretell the future by various natural,  psychological, and many other methods. 

           Divination practices are based in nature, taking form through its elements. It can be done with things such as tea leaves, bones, nuts, and Water as well as cards and other non-nature based components. It can also be done in and as the body, as with spirit possession,  mediation,  and dreams.

            Divination is a ritual which is preformed to interpret the present. Commone methods used include astromancey,  horary astrology, pendulum readings, spirit board/ouija board readings, tasseography the reading of tea leaves, crystalomancy the reading of a crystal ball, and chiromancy. 

        Six Forms of Divination Explained

     1. Carromancy observing and interpreting the shapes that melted wax creates, usually when poured into a bowl filled with water.

     2. Cartomancy using a deck of cards, usually a tarot deck, and oracle deck, or simply a deck or playing cards. 

     3. Palmistry is interpreting the shapes and lines of the palm of your hand to learn about your personality and life. 

      4. Pendulum using the movements of a pointy crystal or metal piece on a chain or string to find answers to your questions. Pendulums can be used alone or with other tools, such as Pendulum charts, or maps, to interpret the answers.

      5. Runes small pieces of wood, stone, metal ,or crystals with engraved symbols that carry particular meanings. Although they were originally based on the ancient Norse writing systems, nowadays there are other symbols sets that are used for divination, such as witches' runes.

        6. Scrying gazing into a surface and interpreting the shapes you see. This can be done with flames, crystals, water, or a mirror. 

      There are many more types of divination.  If there is a type that you use explain it in the comments. I would love to hear from you.

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