Energy Transfer Spell

Energy Transfer Spell

A spell to transfer energy into an object. Useful for saving energy.

Casting Instructions for 'Energy Transfer (Object)'

You will need the following items for this spell:



A calm and quiet place

Object(A pentacle necklace, or stone...something you hold dear to.)

Step 1:) Sit and close eyes. Have the object in hand.

Step 2:) Breath in and breath out.

Step 3:) Once you're ready, imagine a color of energy and imagine it covering yourself.

Step 4:) Then imagine the energy slowly flowing into the object you have in your hand.

Step 5:) Afterwards imagine the energy separating into two different sources, a small amount in your object and the rest in your body.

Step 6:) Take three deep breaths, then open your eyes.


Important Notes: This should be around three to four minutes to complete. Please do take your time. For clarification for step 5 try to make sure there is no more energy passing through your arm once you feel you have enough energy in your object.


Recommendations: I tried it with a small stone so I recommenId it. It works.

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