Fertility Spell

          Fertility Spell

          There are many old customs and traditions concerning Fertility.  One of them was to keep a cucumber in the bedroom, which was believed to increase Fertility.  For a man to increase his virility, it was said that he needed to eat an egg everyday for forty days. However, to counteract this, there was another saying: "egg-bound!" Another ancient English Fertility Spell for men has to do with walnuts and chestnuts, surprise, surprise....

          1 pinch of jasmine 

           1 pinch of dried oak leaf

           1 pinch of rose petals

            1 pinch of marjoram 

         Mix the ingredients together with a mortar and pestle. Grind the mixture into a fine powder and sprinkle it under the bed. With regard to the Oak Leaf, do not pull the leaf off of the tree. Look on the ground, as nature will have supplied one for you. 

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