Find Something Lost

   Find Something Lost

       There are times when things go missing for no apparent reason. Keys or jewelry.... even things you may have just put down.... simply disappear.  It's so frustrating.  It could be absent-mindedness, but others believe that it's the mischievous work of real entities.  This is a spell to be said when you are hunting around the house trying to find that lost item. Say it in every room and say it clearly so that the little sprites can hear you. 

              "Little sprites, I beseech  thee,

             Bring back my (lost item) to me.

             Little sprites, so mote it be."

         Go about your daily chores or do something for ten minutes.  Take your mind off your lost item and give the little sprites time to bring your item back. After, when you have recovered your lost items, remember to thank them. 

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