Lise Frankenstein

Lisa Frankenstein is a must see for goths and witches

Today I just went and seen the new Lisa Frankenstein movie. That movie has instantly became my new favorite movie. I fell in love with the trailers and had to go see it in Theaters. This movie has called me out to go see a movie in theaters after going a long decade or longer without watching one. The last movie I seen in theaters was one of the Iron man movies. So that should tell you how much of a hold the trailer alone had had on me. 
          Lisa Frankenstein called to my witchy and Gothic side with it's dark humor, songs by the cure, and zombie romance lol. The movie is about a corky young girl who was living with her Father, Evil Stepmother, surprisingly sweet stepsister who however was the opposite of the main character Lisa who was a corky kinda goth and her stepsister Taffy was a cheerleader.
          Lisa had became very depressed and withdrawn from the world ever since an Axe murderer had broken in on her and her mother's home, killing her mother, and her having to witness the whole thing screaming. Since the she had moved to a new school and lived with her father and stepfamily. 
          Lisa is a typical high school girl in the beginning, trying to fit in, lusting over boys, and going to a party her stepsister drags her to trying to help her socialize. Lisa dresses normal, letting her sister give her pointers on how to dress, looking as if she was not used to doing such kind of things with make up in a mirror lol. She has that iconic goth girl attitude of kind of disapproval with the whole event already. However at the party she sees a boy she kind of likes and starts talking to him. To fit in she takes a cup that another girl has offered her to drink out of and she drinks the whole thing not knowing that it was drug. Lisa ends up having a bad time and gets sexually harassed by another boy and becomes up Set. 
          Running away from the party while tripping on PCP Lisa runs to the graveyard she had told her sister about on the way to the party. The graveyard she liked to hangout at because she likes being alone in the silence and finds it peaceful. The graveyard is old and abandoned and thought to be haunted cursed. Lisa goes there and runs up to her favorite headstone, a statue of a young man, she caresses it, and says, "I wish I was with you." Implying that she wished she was dead. 
           She later on she goes home and goes to bed. She has a triple drug induced dream of the statue coming to life, wearing a suit, holding her hand and being romantic with her. The statue man never speaks or opens it's mouth and only nods. Foreshadowing how things are actually going to be like a prophetic dream. Which I have actually had myself. 
         Lisa is awoken by her stepsister telling her to get downstairs because her stepmother is angry with her. Lisa was tripping last night and wrecked the bathroom. Lisa's stepmother tells her to pick up extra hours at work to repair the bathroom. Lisa works at a little shop where she runs a sewing machine. It is there that the boy she likes comes in to get his jacket dry cleaned because it has whine stains on it from the party. Lisa's boss is surprised to see that Lisa has friends because she always works on the weekends and shows no sign of having a life... maybe because of her tiny chest he says lol. 
         Later on at school Lisa's step sister tells the boy he is bad news and shouldn't be talking to her sister while cutting off him and Lisa's conversation.  
         A storm happens and a lightning bolt hits the statue of the boy at the graveyard. The boy is reanimated and climbs out of his grave and shows up at Lisa's house while she is home alone. She sees this zombie coming in her house and screams and starts throwing knick knacks and what knots and other things her stepmother has collecting up on a shelf on display at him. She runs around the house clumsy away from him, trying to sneak out of her upstairs bedroom window and climb the roof in her pj's when she falls off of the roof on top of the zombie. As the neighbors watch talking about how she is the weird one and her sister is the good adorable one. 
             While trying to call police Lisa notices that the zombie is playing on the other phone tying up the lines. It was very obvious that this movie was an 80s movie but never stated for fact so they had old 80s landline phones. She notices that he means her no harm and he himself is also confused. So she talks to him explaining where that weird shoe shaped phone had came from and talking to him about music. It's then that she mentions liking bands like The Cure. True trad goth music from the 80s. They talk, he gets emotional and cries after she tells him that oh she didn't mean it to sound like she wished she was with him she meant she wished she was dead. She said it all awkwardly not meaning to upset him, however, it made him cry stinky dead man tears that make her gag and almost throw up. Then she takes him to the bathroom and gives him soap and has him take a shower. A nasty gross horrible amount of worms and dirt come off of his body in the shower looking like it could clog the drain. 
           He gets out of the shower and they start trying on different clothes on him. They both like and settle with him wearing a black Violent Femmes shirt, which is an old punk/post punk band from the 70s and 80s that is loved by lots of trad goths. He wears the violent femmes shirt with a dark gray jacket and dark pants giving him a sort of emo look. 
             The next morning Lisa is getting ready for school andthe zombie helps her by throwing a pretty black dress to her with a black hat with a flower on it. She tries saying this isn't my style and it belonged to her stepsister before she had given it to her. She finally takes the zombies suggestion and wears it very well. Making it her first Gothic looking outfit.
           When Lisa is noticed at school everyone drops their Jaws. Lisa's stepsister says wow she coul be in a pageant if only she had congeniality. 
            The zombie is left at home alone with her stepmother. The zombie guy pukes up worms in the mothers cottage cheese. She eats it and screams when she finds a worm. Later when Lisa is home the wild eyed, smeared mascara wearing, stepmother Co fronts Lisa. Threatening to send her off to an inpatient treatment facility... in other words a nut house. 
            Then the zombie boy comes out of the closet holing a sewing machine and bashes the step mother in the head with it, killing her instantly. He then cuts off her ear, and shows Lisa where he is missing his own ear Implying that he wants her to sew the ear back on. 
            She sews the ear on him, and asks him how it works. It doesn't work. He still Cannot hear from it. She then takes him to her stepsister tanning bed. He gets in and whe he gets out he looms just a little less dead and the ear works. 
           He is missing a hand too but now they know how to fix him. Lisa goes to school and writes a litter to the boy who was sexually harassing her and grabbing onto her at the party. She has him agree to meet her after school. She takes him to the old graveyard and he states that it freaks him out, it is not Christian because it's abandoned. He claims it's a bad place but calms down whe she start talking about what he was doing with his hands. He is like oh yeah you liked that. Then the zombie boy comes up from behind him, cuts off his hand, then kills him, then throws his body into his old grave where her stepmother body also is. 
         So she sews the hand onto zombie boys and he gets into the tanning bed again. This time the hand works and he looks alive. Pale but alive. He still cannot talk but him and Lisa have a silent understanding with each other which is really cute and underlines their special bond. 
         Later on Lisa is in bed with zombie boy massaging each other with a vibrator. A personal messager and she tells him that it has other uses. Giggling and telling him he can use it on her how ever he likes. They don't have sex but her screaming oh my God and it can be heard through the whole house implies he did something right, but it isn't paid any attention to by her father and stepsister because at that time her stepsister is frantically trying to contact her mother and crying to Lisa's father about how she's been unsuccessful in doing so. Lisa's father tries to calm her by saying she is probably just out having fun doing her usual thing and will be back but Taffy the stepsister knows something is off.
        Later at school Lisa gets called to the office because she had been caught with a letter to the dead boy and two eye witnesses had seen her with him. Lisa and another girl who was also wearing all black with black lipstick obviously jealous of Lisa got into an argument with Lisa. Lisa leaves telling them to contact her lawyer. The officer turns towards the principal saying that she cannot wait until this goth phase is over lol. Lisa storms out.
         She then goes off to meet up with that guy she had a crush on. While she is gone he calls and leaves a voice mail being flirty and it upsets zombie boy who takes off in a car to go find Lisa. He finds Lisa and she has him give her a ride to the boys house where she catches him in bed with her sister. Zombie boy no longer waits in the car, gets out of it, goes inside with an axe, and begins chopping up the boy, cutting his dick off first, then killing the boy. Lisa stops him from killing her beloved step sister who she forgives for sleeping with the boy she likes. 
          Zombie guy takes off to go hide the body in the graveyard. Lisa follows in her sisters car having her panicked sister set in the passengers set while Lisa drives after zombie boy. Who has the body and the trash can that the penis flew off into. 
        Lisa stops and has a heart to heart talk with her sister. Her sister continues panicking but Lisa seems to think they had a good talk. Lisa takes the axe and goes to find zombie boy in the graveyard. She has the axe drew back ready to strike zombie boy from behind but drops it and asks him if he loves her and he nods his head indicating yes he does. They kiss. 
        A police officer comes by telling them to get away from the crime scene. The officer sees the dismembered penis in zombie boys had. Zombie boy picks her up and throws the officer into the grave where he threw all of the other bodies before. He takes Lisa's hand and puts it on his genital area showing Lisa that he has no dick. 
        They go home and she sews the dick on for him. Lol the whole time he is stand tall with his head turned looking like he has as much dignity as possible. He gets into the tanning bed again and comes out looking completely sexy. 
         They go to her room and they make love. It is so cute because he puts a little gummy, candy rung on her finger first and then carries her to bed and takes her virginity. If you seen the trailers you would know she is a virgin because she tells him much earlier that she doesn't want to die a virgin. 
        At the end of the movie they hear police sirens. She knows she'll be going to jail for the murders. She gets into the tanning bed and has zombie boy turn it up further than it is meat to go. Killing her and burning the house down. She wrote him a letter folded into a paper football like they used to do in the 80s and it says death is temporary I'll love you forever. 
       The police and neighbors are outside Watchung the fire.
       Then at the very end. Lisa's stepsister Taffy and her father are visiting her grave. Taffy looks shook up and confused wondering if the graveyard keeper is putting flowers on Lisa's grave too because there are always flowers there. Lisa's father pays no mind like he usually does. Taffy keeps looking around curiously because she always just has a knowing. 
      Then you see zombie boy setting on a bench reading a book out loud in a sexy Victorian voice wearing Victorian styled clothing with rainbow suspender straps. Laying across his lap is a bandaged up fresh from the dead Lisa. 
The movie was so cute and funny! There was a lot of dark humor and it was very corky. Even the old man I went with enjoyed the movie! He said it was wild and couldn't stop laughing about the penis getting sewed back on! 
The movie was a cute romantic dark comedy. With lots of trad 80s goth refres in it! Lovers of goth and witches would love this movie for all of the dark anesthetics. The sewing on body parts to the dead and having them become alive again made me think of all kinds of old witchy folklore that had inspired Frankenstein stories like this one. 
Well, I hope this didn't spoil the movie too much for you, but the theater was only playing the movie on this one single day. So if you missed it today and want to watch. Here is my brief summary of the movie. Hopefully you get to catch it when it comes out again because it's a truly great movie! Surely a new iconic goth movie with a Gothic cult following. Another cult classic for goths and witches!
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