Ruminating Thoughts About Death

               The amount of people that I open up to about my personal thoughts is very limited. I need to talk about this though. I need to tell a lot of people about my thoughts so that maybe I will generate a lot of different responses.  I want every response to be different, because I want all the information I can get on the subject of death and the afterlife.  Please no sad posts saying it is nothing, Like before you were born. Those sort of responses make me extremely depressed.  You're free to your own opinions though.

                  I am constantly worrying about death. I cannot imagine it being nothing. It being nothing makes me so depressed, but after reading science blogs I am left with the on going ruminating thoughts that it might very well be just nothing because it really makes the most sense.  I hate that though. I hate that so much, because I want there to be an afterlife. I want there to be a heaven or place like it. A place like Summerland or Valhalla.  

               When I die I feel like I need there to be a heaven. There are so many people I love that I have lost. I need those people. I need those people now, and I needed more time with them. The thought of there being nowhere I could go to see them again hurts and feels unfair.  Also I feel like without a place like heaven or Summerland or Valhalla makes life feel meaningless.  Death scares me so bad and I'm about to turn 30 years old.

              30 years has passed by so fast. The next 30 years will go by fast, and what if I die young like in my 50s or 60s. I am not a very healthy person. I have made terrible choices in my life that have taken the years off my life most likely.  The last five  years feel like they've went by even quicker than all the others. Life is going by. 

             So has anyone had any near death experiences? What was it about the experience that made it all seem real to you and not a dream? Have you ever died and had one and died another time and didn't have one? How long were you dead? How long do you have to be dead to have a near death experience?

             Has anyone had any experiences of an afterlife without dying? If you believe in an afterlife do you have a reason for your beliefs to be solid? Any sort of evidence other than your faith? Has anyone ever died and had an out of body experience where they seen everything in the room not exactly going to heaven or hell. Has anyone had a near death experience where they went to hell?


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