Tarot Spreads

            Tarot reading has became very popular throughout the past few years. It is a type of divination, which means it is a way of seeking answers about your future and insight to the innermost truths of your higher self. 

              With tarot becoming more and more popular more and more people are asking for readings. After doing so many readings one might start to feel themselves becoming born of the same old same old. To avoid becoming bored switch up the spreads or the layouts you use. 

            There are so many different layouts or spreads out there to choose from. The most simple and basic layouts which is great for beginners and iconic so every witch should became familiarize with this spread is the Three Card spread. 

           The Three Card Spread

          The Three Card Spread is also known as the Past, Present, Future Spread.

       1. Use the hand you do not write with to control the deck. Shuffle the deck, cut it Three times, then spread the cards out in a Cresent moon curved line. 

       2. Have the person you're doing the reading for pick out Three cards. 

       3. Have them lay down the center Card, the one I the middle first. It represents the present and is considered the mother card. 

          4. Then have them lay down another card on their right. This is the past Card, and is considered the maiden card. 

          5. Then have them lay down the last Card on their left. This card is the future card, and it is considered the crown card. 

            6. Flip over the cards and read them from the past, present, and future. 


       For All Cases Spread

        Another Tarot spread that is for all cases is this shortened version of the Celtic Cross. 

       1. You place one card in the center. It is the Key or major aspect.

       2. In the front to the left is the second card. Number two is the past, or what is already there.

        3. This card is behind 1 it is to your right. Number three is the future, or what will need to be considered.  

         4. Card number 4 goes below card number one and it represents the root or base. 

          5. Number five goes above card number one so that all the cards form a pattern that looks like a cross. Five is the Crown, Chance, or Tendency.



             Matters of Love

         1. Your own feelings

         2. The feelings of the other(s)

         3. Challenges and opportunities 

         4. Development/Tendency 


             Relational Method


             1. My partner 

             2. Me

             3. A unifying force

              4. The common basis 

              5. The partner's sources 

              6. My sources 

              7. Focal point, common goal



         In my next Blog

          In my next Blog I'll be sharing more Tarot Spreads, and more Tarot information. After that I will get into other forms of divination so keep up with Burning Times Candles's Blog.

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