The Break a Spell

     The Break a Spell

     Sometimes it feels as if we are cursed - that someone has put a spell on us. You will need a black candle and your magick mirror to Break this. The spell is to be done in a protected circle of salt . Light the candle and look into the mirror, saying these words. : 

              " I send this magick back,

                Through the candle black.

                Go now from this place.

                 Never return to this face.

                 Mirror blessed, I beseech,

              Cloak of mirrors, cover me.

               An' it harm none, so mote it be."

            Keep staring into the mirror and imagine the curse or spell being lifted from you. Extinguish the flame, but not by blowing it out. Wrap the mirror up. Remember to keep it especially for magickal work. 

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