The Wishing Spell I use more than any other spells

Bay Leaf Wish Spell

This is a very simple spell that I use all the time. This spell is really great because you can ask it to do anything any other spell can do. You just wish for what you want. This spell is also really great because it doesn't require many supplies. All you need it your intent, a piece of parchment or regular paper, a pen, three bay leaves whole, a piece of your hair, and tape. I have used this spell since I was 11 years old. I noticed after using this spell over and over again it seemed to work better for me each time I used it. I have even used it to help this website get built. Below I will leave step by step instructions so that you can enjoy this spell too. 

Items you'll need:

*Parchment or a piece of regular paper 


*A Piece of your Hair


*3 Bay Leaves

            Concentrate on your wish. Imagine your wish coming true. Then get your piece of paper and start off by writing Dear God & Goddess, or just Dear Goddess, or who ever you believe in. You can even write Dear Jesus if that is who you believe in. 

            After addressing your deity start writing out what you wish for. Imagine it and imagine it coming true. Then draw a big pentagram over the whole piece of paper, make sure it covers over top of all the words... inside of the pentagram the best you can. 

             Then take a piece of your hair and tape it over the words that most describe your wish.   Then write as I do will so more it be, or ah men. 

             Fold the paper into thirds by folding it two times. Fold it letter, envelope sized. Then put it up somewhere high. Somewhere noone will miss with it. Keep it secret. When the wish has came true, or you feel it starting to come true get the paper, take it out side, and burn it to thank your deity. As you burn it whisper to your deity asking them to grant your wish, be sure to say what the wish is Then say as I do will so mote it be or ah men. 

Below I am leaving you with an example 


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