This is This is Halloween! This is Halloween!

This is Halloween! This is Halloween! 

            Halloween is Burning Times Candles's favorite holiday, it is like a witches' Christmas in my opinion.  To me the whole month of October is Halloween.  When I was that freaky goth kid in high school Halloween was everyday lol. I've grown older now and have grown out of the goth clothing I still have all the same beliefs and feelings I had back then that made me a goth at heart and not just from clothing. Anyways, today I'm going to start my Halloween celebration on the Burning Times Candles website and on all social media accounts. Burning Times Candles makes a big deal and gives good deals on Halloween to all witches, vampires, werewolves, and all you other creatures and ghouls. 

          Halloween is a great times for another candle giveaway contest.  So I will be posting details about the next contest later on tonight or tomorrow.  The prize will be a small set of elemental Candles, or a small mini Mason jar candle, or a set of melts/tarts, it will be your choice. You may have to put $10 dollars towards the shipping and handling costs.  

   Halloween a witch's Christmas 

        Halloween is a lot like Christmas for a witch, because of how important the holiday is for us. Halloween for a witch is what we call a Sabbath, and it is the 8th Sabbath called Samhain. Samhain is a Celtic, or Gaelic sabbath celebration of death and the end of the year. It is usually celebrated with a bonfire and communication with the dead. Samhain or Halloween is a time when the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest.  Therefore making séances  have better results for connecting with the dead when a witch is conducting one. 

           As side from the topic I want to warn you to take extra care when dealing with the dead at this time because you are opening up gateways that could allow anything to come out not just the spirits you're trying to contact. Be sure to cast your circles, and make the circles extra strong. Also burn insense like Dragon's Blood because Dragon's Blood wards off evil spirits and aids in exorcisms.  Do not attempt contacting evil spirits or deities like Satan especially if you're new. Burn sage smudge sticks when you're work is completed to cleanse the area even if the spirit you attempted to contact was your sweet grandmother. Like I said you're opening portals that anything can come out of along with the spirits you meant to contact. 

          Samhain is the third and final harvest for the ending wheel of the year. So get out your almanacs and learn a little more about farming for your herbs. It is a good practice to grow your own herbs. Be sure to also make your moon water. Halloween or Samhain Moon water has a little more power to it when made in the whole month of October and the Beginning weeks of November. 

         Ways to Celebrate Samhain

          We all know that all the children will be celebrating by trick-or-treating around the neighborhood.  Adults will be getting drunk and having parties, but what will the adult witch do? 

          The adult witch can get drunk all she wants but she will also be setting up her Samhain altars with pictures of her or his loved ones who have passed away. When decorating your altar use autumn colors such as rich reds, purples, burgundies, and golds and bright oranges as well. Use fallen leaves, acorns, and pumpkins too. Choose something that represents death such as a scythe, skulls, bones, and other symbols of death since this is a death celebration.  Use incense like patchouli,  dragon's blood,  and Nag champa. Dilute patchouli essential oils in a carrier oil of your choice so that like the Type O Negative song, her perfume smells like burning leaves.

         To celebrate, have some wine, eat some candy, maybe some dark breads or ears of corn. Invite over your coven members or other witchy friends. Then call out to your dead family and ancestors.  Don't use ouija boards.... 

      I'll be continuing this post. I have to go I'll lose my wifi Contenction 

Blessed be.

All month I'll be posting about Samhain or Halloween 

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