Ways to Celebrate Samhain

Ways To Celebrate Samhain

1. The obvious, pass out Halloween candy.

2. Have a feast with your friends and family.  Ask then all to bring a dish for sharing.

3.Build and decorate an altar dedicated to your lost loved ones. Hang up your deceased loved ones pictures. Use fall colors purple,  red, gold, yellow, orange, brown. Use fallen leaves. Light a few candles for each of your loved ones or just one for them all....or as many as you want. Its your thing, your craft, you do you.

4. Have a bonfire and get drunk as shit. 

5.Spread your celebrations out over a period of three days like the old celtic traditions. Dances, feast, get drunk, have rituals.

6.have a séance. Contact the dead and get some input about what the afterlife may be like because we won't really know until we're dead are selves but the more you can learn now the better you will be emotionally prepared for your own time when it comes. I am scared shittless  for the day my time comes because I am worried that there is no afterlife. 

7. Write down the habits, activities, feelings etc. that you want to let go of and burn your list in the Samhain fire, stating your intentions. Then write a list of ideas and dreams for the coming year – you can either share them as a family or keep them safe until Spring, making sure you give them tender attention over the Winter months.

8. Have a harvest craft day. Gather brightly coloured leaves to make a picture or leaf prints, string acorns on a necklace, make fairy beds in nutshells, carve a pumpkin…let your imagination run riot!

9. Give thanks to your deties for this beautiful fall! Weather you do it in private or with family and friends is all up to you it is your craft. I think each witch should follow the path that calls her the one she or he is drawn too. No one's beliefs are wrong. 

10. Before Samhain you can make fall and Halloween decorations.  If you are a good enough crafty little artist you could even sell your handmade creations online or in your local trading Times papers. I have the old mountain trader to list my creations in. 

11. The days are getting shorter.  You could go candle shopping on my website Www.burningtimescandles.com  or you could make your own. I will be posting a video of myself showing you how to make Candles if you're interested in learning how to make them yourself.

12. You can make candy apples, or some other type of candy for friends, family, and trick or treaters. 

13. You could have a haunted house or a haunted house themed party for all ages, for children,  or for adults. 

14. You could make or buy some homemade edibles and Tripp with your third eye open like a shaman on Samhain lol.

15. You could reinvent yourself. Think of it like a new year's resolution because this is the end of the year we're celebrating after all.

16. You can write a Halloween Samhain themed Shor story and send it to me so I can post it for you in this very Blog. I'll be sure to give all credit where credit is do and if you want I could leave your email address in case you would like to be contacted about your article. 

17. Have a Halloween costume party

18. Design Halloween costumes

19. Have a kids face painting booth set up in your yard for the trick or treaters

20. Carve pumpkins and save the seeds to plant or to use in magickal practices. 

Well these are all the ideas I have for now. Shop my website. I'll be coming up with a new contest and a new coupon promo code for those who shop on my website. 


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