A Statement of Intent

This is perhaps not so much a spell, but a statement of intent which is probably best kept very private. It should encapsulate a promise to yourself to maximise your potential in every way. You may feel that telling someone about your personal undertaking actually lessens its value and makes it somehow less attainable. Similar to an affirmation, the statement needs to be short and succinct so that every time you think about it it has impact for you.


You will need the following:

  • Two pieces of paper
  • Two postcards
  • Pen and ink, magickal... Real ink and quill if possible



First take a piece of paper and write down as many things as you can think of that you: want to do, would like to do, feel you ought to do. (These need not be in the form of an organized list but can be scribbled down at random.) Look carefully at each of your statements and eliminate any that seem to repeat themselves.


On another clean sheet of paper formulate a sentence which, for you, is powerful, meaningful and expresses the repeated sentiment properly. Do this for each of your core thoughts that become apparent.


With your second sheet of paper, try to reduce the sentences to one very powerful and relevant description of your mission or task in life. Keep it as short but also as forceful as you can.


Keep these two pieces of paper in a safe place for future reference. The second stage of this exercise is to write out your mission on two postcards. Place one of these by your mirror or on your bedside table where you will see it when you first wake up.


Repeat the statement at least three times as soon as you are awake and also just before you settle for sleep. This is so that it is almost the first and last thing that you think about during the day.


Repeat the statement as often as you can during the day, preferably at least three times a day. Place the other postcard where you can see it in your work area. With this postcard remember to move it around so that it does not become just part of the scenery.


Your main personal undertaking contains within it many sub-statements so that you can if you wish concentrate as well on these sub-statements or can change the focus of your main statement in order to include another aspect. Because this statement is so personal it is yours to do with as you will; the only thing you must do is to make it work for you. Moving the postcard once a week and thinking about the statement reinforces the intent behind it and gives you the opportunity to change the statement should you so wish. It helps to focus your mind but also allows the subconscious to hear the intent and to internalize it.

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