Aphrodite's Love Sage

A spell to help your crush fall in love with you doesn’t matter what gender sexual orientation of anything but I guess that that applys to any spell.

You will need the following:

  • Dove Feather
  • Two pink Candles
  • Needle
  • Apple
  • Rose Water
  • Bathroom mirror
  • Cup
      Light the candles on both sides pour the rose water in the cup then prick your finger and let a drop of blood in the rose water and squeeze the golden delicious in because it resembles the golden apple and charge it with the rose quartz then dip the feather in and catch the tip on fire with the candle wave it around and say "under nightfall and doves wing The Moon glows with its graceful light Aphrodite hear my plea my love will find his/her way To me please grant my wish then blow out the candles and say mote it be"around one more time and then out it by dipping it in again.

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