Beginners Wish Spell

This spell will give a greater possibility of a wish coming true, without all the work.


You Will Need The Following: 

  • 1 Candle (yourself, a color that corresponds with your wish. For example green if you wish for money)
  • Piece of paper



Please remember, before doing any spells, it is best to draw a circle. Yet, not required.
This spell will not make your wish come true on its own. It will just make it easier to obtain your wish. An example would be, wishing to lose weight. You can not do this spell and then sit on your butt and eat fatty foods, and expect to lose weight.
BUT THIS SPELL WILL: make it easier, and quicker to lose weight by exercise and a change of eating habits.

1) Light the Candle.
2) Take the piece of paper, on one side, draw a pentacle.
On the other side, write your wish or desire.
3) Burn the paper while concentrating on your wish.
How will you get there? The end result. (In the example, visualize yourself exercising, lifting higher weights with ease, and being smaller.)
You may place the paper on a plate or safe surface while burning.


WHILE THE PAPER BURNS say aloud or in your head :

'' May this candle represent me,
as I bathe my desire in flame,
let it be seen in great light,
let me __( name desire such as ''lose weight easier''___,
with ease, and confidence.
Let it Harm None,
So mote it be. ''

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