Candle of Darkness

With this spell you'll be creating a candle that is atuned to evil and a flame that  flickers slightly violet 


You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Whatever you need to make a candle.
  • Niter powder proportionally to the candle's length.
  • Evil thoughts.

Instead of just pouring stearin (at least, so do I usually) around the candle wick, pour it by layers near the wick, and put niter around the wick between the layers, each time saying:

  • "Within this niter my evil now lies,
  • Oh spirits, I look at it with my eyes,
  • When I light the candle, you shall come forth,
  • Bring evil from deep caves, the south and the north."

Then encase the candle in stearin, so the imbued niter is trapped inside. Now, you have prepared the candle of darkness.

Be careful, for when the spirits bring evil and pain to the candle, you may be affected and become somewhat ill.


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