Cleansing Bath

The following is a personal recipe for a cleansing wash to anoint or cleanse a party (person) or group before a ritual.
You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Water Base: A glass bowl, water from a river or spring, rose petals, mint and Florida Water (the cologne)
  • Milk Base: A glass bowl, milk, rose petals and Florida Water (the cologne)
Water Base:
In a glass bowl pour in two cups of the water collected from river/spring. From there add in a handful rose petals, mint and sprinkle the Florida Water. Once done mix with your finger while reciting the following incantation:
''I charge this wash to bless and cleanse all it touches, in the name of the King and Queen.''
Milk Base:
In a glass bowl pour in the two cups of milk. From there add the handful of rose petals then sprinkle in the Florida Water. With your finger while reciting the incantation as seen above.

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