Creating A Coven

This is some info on how to start a coven. A coven is a group of witches/wiccans/pagans/etc.


You will need the following:

  • You don't need anything, but you might want to write this down. So get your book of Shadows and a pen. 


Casting Instructions for 'Creating A Coven'

Covens are a group of people that are witches, Wiccans, Pagans, or something other. To start a coven, there are a lot of things to think of. You need to make sure what a coven is, and things you´ll need to know.


A Name:


You don´t have to have a name, or even a name when you first make one, but it´s a fun thing to make a title for your group. The name of the coven you want to make should be creative, if you want one. You could even look through this sites´s covens to get an idea of a name for the coven.




How Many people you want in your coven. First, you´ll want to think of how big you want your coven to be. Do you want three, five, or even ten? If starting a coven, it´s recommended that you should have at least have three people. You need to remember that covens are a group, so it´s best to have at least three. Also, you shouldn't restrict the gender of someone. You´ll need both equal sun (Male) and moon (Female).


A Symbol:


Symbols are also a creative thing to have. It could be a symbol, or a specific word. You could make necklaces, or just wear something that symbolizes your coven. You don´t have to, but it´s also a fun thing to do.




You´ll need to decide how often your coven wants to meet, where you want to meet, and when you should meet. Schedules are very important, as it´s a good way to stay organized with this coven group that you are starting.




You´ll need ways to contact your coven, in case you have to change a schedule date or time. This can be online, or a letter to your coven, so you can make important announcements. Your group might also need to contact you to say if they can meet up with the coven or not during a specific date or time.




 Rules are very important, as they help ground people. Rules help maintain a calm and safe way to have your group in a mindset that is good for everyone to have.




Limits are different from rules. Maybe you want a limit of how many people you want in your coven, or a limit of the age group, or any other limits that you think are necessary.




These are ranks that you have for a coven. Each rank could be used as how skilled they are, or how experienced they are. Someone of a certain rank could also have a specific job or task.


I think that´s the basics. If i did miss anything though, then please do tell me! I hope this helped you.


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