Dedicating a Sacred Tree

Create a local representative of Yggdrasil by dedicating a sacred tree. This comes from The Norse Shaman by Evelyn Rysdyk and is not my original work.


You will need the following:

  • Offering Materials
  • Seidr hood and cloak (optional)
  • Some of your favorite food
  • Journal or Book of Shadows
  • Pen
  • Seidstafr (staff)
  • Recording device 




Make all of your usual journey preparations. Once they are complete, honor the spirits and ask them to bless the area in which you will be working. Call your power animal (fylgja) to you and merge. This will protect your spiritual body on your journey. 


Place the offerings around the tree you intend to dedicate. Once you have finished, don your hood and sit with the tree. Start your recording device. Sing your vardlokkur for entering the shamanic state of consciousness. Place the hood down over your eyes.


Once you have altered your state, begin singing your journeying or traveling vardlokkur. Have the spirit of your fylgja take you to "meet" the tree. Introduce yourself. As part of your introduction, begin to softly sing your personal vardlokkur or a power song. 


After a few moments of singing, ask the tree to sing his or her varlokkur to you. Learn this song. Ask the tree what it needs from you in order to become a spiritual center in your life. Thank it for its willingness.

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