Diet Spell

this spell has been create to gain the help of lucifer. This is a diet spell it will ease your hunger but you need to work for it to work properly if you belive you will lose 10 pound in one day you sadly mistaken if you are not working with lord lucifer it will be nice to leave an offering to him.
You will need the following items for this spell:
  • a black candle
  • sigil of lucifer
  • a paper for the sigil
  • a pencil
  • night
  • full moon (optional)
  • a glass of red wine (optional)
  • frist of all set the items 

    First set all or the items.
    second light the candle 
    third.. sigil of lucifer place it near the candle
    light the candle. as you have light the candle meditate on the sigil for 5min try to visualize how badly you desire to lose weight
    then say, i call upon to the fallen angel lucifer. the angel who can understand the pain of being hated for something that he is not deserve. the pain of hate my own self some times and im asking from you lightbringer to enlighten me to easier my hunger to help me lose the weight that i have been trying to lose again and again without any result and ending up with giving up to my lust for fatty foods, that's what my heart truly desire this night and im hopping that you will help me to accomplish my desire to be fulfilled.
    say this 3 times atleast or until you feel his energy in the room:) 
    when you feel his energy. always be respectful and do not afraid of him it will not hurm you it was an angel after all 
    thank him for be there to hear you, then behind his sigil write how mutch weight you want to lose (dont be greedy) then drop a little of wax of the black candle on it visualize you give it protection from bad spirits and put it somewhere safe 

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