How to Set your Altar

Casting Instructions for 'How to Set your Altar'


You will need the following:

  • With the altar and the pentagram you may can add things like magick oils, incense, deities.... What ever you feel.
  • Use any techniques mentioned.


Some peoples are practicing magick for quite a lot time and claim to be doing magick without any altar or any other ingredients and can do magick all by their own style may could be said as chaos magick itself, where on the other side some peoples cannot do magick without the altar or any other ingredients, notably in actual they make a positive energy field all due to the power of faith of the spell caster results in the success of the spell being casted, some are even those who perform spell Casting in the Astral plane just like me, Said to be in an Astral plane temple build on the person's own thoughts and will, where the altar and other stuffs can be easily gained, obviously by power of mind.
So these are the Styles preferred by peoples and their may can be some others styles too.
My view is that select any style to cast a Spell, and if you do want to use the altar then select any altar setting style from any book or stuffs you found and which you found easy and loved too.

So when you get your altar and all the ingredients some basic things are they need to be cleansed and even blessed, these two are even can be done easily, their are many techniques for the same like use of table salt, some herbs and many.....
My view is again the same use any techniques you desire, well you can use a psi ball to for cleansing too, or some even use just their mouth blow for it.
Mouth blow is easy you just have to imagine that the air blown from your mouth is of golden colour and is cleansing away all the black colored shades(negative energies), and hence making the object or any being shine like gold too.
You can even make a shield, a magic orb around the object or a being, just imagine that a white colour energy is coming from your hands(hands pointed towards the object or being) making a shield.
And about blessings, mostly witches call upon deities to bless their altars, Yes you can,
Else you can cast some spells or prayers.

May this helped you ^_^

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