Karmic Revenge

This spell can be used to get revenge on a person or spirit who has harmed you.
You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Salt or Sage (Both would be wonderful)
  • Knowledge of how to create a sigil
  • Red pen
  • Candle (preferably black, but any color will do)
1. Use Salt and/or sage to sprinkle a circle around your space of performance. This will keep negativity from entering. In other words, less chance of backfire. 
2. Create a sigil detailing EXACTLY what you want to happen to your enemy. Emphasis on EXACTLY. Bear in mind that as you continue this spell anything on your mind could change the results. 
3. When completed, copy the sigil in red pen on a clean sheet of paper. 
4. Say a chant of your own, preferably ending in "mote it be". Then light the candle and burn the paper. Be cautious. I am not responsible for burned hands or houses. 
When you are done it is always nice to thank your deities and guides for the future success of your spell. Take a bow to the East. And again towards the West. Do so while remembering and thanking all of the great magicians who came before you.
Be sure to cleanse your space and cast a strong protection spell when finished. Karma is a brat. You don't want to get in its way.

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