Love Spell Jar

Make someone love you, and hopefully not a specific person....but to each their own.

You will need the following:

  • Jar with lid
  • Paper and pen (red pen)
  • Rose Quartz Gem
  • Cotton Wool
  • Red and Pink Candle
  • Incense stick



Light you candles and incense. Then write your name and lovers full name on paper using the red pen, then wrap it in cotton wool and put it in the jar, then using your left over Cotton wool to fill the jar and then place a rose quarts in the jar the size of the gem does not matter. Then seal it shut! And place wax over it with any colour candle around the seal to make it even more secure and plus it’s a cute detail! If you want you can also chant! Hold it in your hands and chat away. Then place it under your bed! And think about your lover and all the happiness it will bring till the incense stick runs out! do not blow out your candle! quench it out, its like blowing your wish away.

To break the spell! Simple take it out and open the jar burn of throw the content of the jar into the bin and remove it from your house. Not the gem! Leave that out in the full moon to cleanse it! So it can be used again if you find a new lover thank you! 

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