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Here is a Spell Planner I've made on Canva. Once I renew my Canva subscription I'll remove the water marks and add a printable digital copy to my store, but here is a free version with the Canva water marks you can use until then or if you just want it for free. 

                             How it Works 



             Use this if you're a beginner, or trying to keep your book of shadows organized and cute. It is for when you're writing your own spells or copying down spells... It's yours so use it however you want! 

1. Under "What you'll need" make a list of all your tools and ingredients you'll be using in your work. Example: tools like Athames, Cups, crystals, or ingredients like incense, water, or herbs.   

2. Under "Casting Instructions" write down each step you must perform. If chanting or speaking is necessary just write chant or words in quotation marks to make more room in your box because you have a box below for the words to be wrote in.

3. In the box labeled "Chants" is where you'll write the words to your spell. Just write each verse in a separate set of quotation marks to keep it organized and showing weather the verses are said in separate parts of the spell. For example you must speak a few words, light a candle, then speak again. You would write the first verse in quotation marks, light the candle then say the second verse which will be wrote under the first verse in separate quotation marks. You can even label them one, two, and three.... Or write out the specific time if you like to do your spell work on a timed schedule. These are only ideas and tips to help people understand my planner's design and put it to use the best they can.

4. The box which has "Notes" is a box you can use how ever you want but here are a few ideas ...you can use it for time and dates or under which phase of the moon to do this under. You can write down follow up instructions, or say what kind of out come you got from the spell after it has finished working. You can use this space to write down tips, reminders, which God or goddess you'll be working with. You can use this place if you run out of room under the "what you'll need" section. You can draw symbols or shapes if you must draw out symbols will casting your spell. So that space is actually very useful so please don't be like wow this planner is great all but this one useless spot wasting space and making it look stupid with me leaving it blank. Don't leave it blank. Be creative. As long as you put a good amount of thought into your spell as you should then you'll have no trouble filling in all the blanks.... You may even need more room. If that's the case then don't print off two copies of this one. Print out a copy of my "Spell Planner: Page Two" printable. 

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