Collection: Candles

            Burning Times Candles makes homemade unique and original per each order. The Candles are made with a soy and paraffin wax blend, dried herbs & flowers, and crystals & gemstones. 

              When making the candles the first thing I do is cast a circle. Then as I am making the candles I will charge the mix with energy that corresponds with your needs. Once the candle is finished it is blessed and charged with the energy needed to make your candle a powerful magickal tool. 

              I will help you in your magickal practices by creating Candles special for you and only you. Just send an email to, or text 304 860 0962, please text do not call unless a phone call has been planned. I will gather information from you about the spell or ritual you're working on so that I can assist you in your magickal practices.